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About Us

The philosophy of our Institution is to help develop and equip saints to become strong, vibrant and effective in fulfilling their God given role in ministry. Since the Fall of 1991, Ministerial Training Institute has been training ministers and lay people of the Body of Christ to perfect their God-given ministry. We assist in building confidence, assurance, courage and knowledge in God and in His ability.



Ministerial Training Institute is a non-profit institution owned, controlled, administrated and maintained by a church, lawfully operating as a non-profit religious corporation whose name is "The Church of God Pentecostal", who has submitted information and Declaration for Religious Educational Exemption.


Ministerial Training Institute is an International Accredited Bible College of higher learning, accredited by the Accrediting Commission International (ACI).


The Accrediting Commission International (ACI) For Schools, Colleges and Theological Seminaries

5260 Paylor Lane | Sarasota, Florida

(877) 244-1989


ACI has not sought recognition from the United States Department of Education, State of California. This choice has been made by the Institutions ACI represents and in no way reflects on its legal status, or on the quality of Education offered by the institutions. ACI is a International Accrediting Commission that represents over 137 institutions, on 5 Continents, in 11 Countries and 27 states in the USA, with over 19,000 students.


Please see our Administrative Office for more information.


Ministerial Training Institute

(International Headquarters)

109 West Buckthorn Street

Inglewood, California 90301

(310) 419-7335 / (310) 672-2338

Fax: (310) 672-2211


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