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About Us

The name of this corporation is The Church of God Pentecostal Community Services Development Corporation. This corporation is a Religious Corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law exclusively for religious purposes. The specific purpose of this corporation is to provide community social and educational services to the community and to provide decent affordable housing for low and moderate-income persons.

Plans for Renovation / Construction

Preliminary Phase IA

We have paid off the Mortgage at 733 South Grevillea. This property values approximately $2.5 million. 612 South Walnut Street Property (Charles E. Campbell Senior Citizen Housing) is paid off. This property's current value is approximately $800,000.00. The approximate cost of construction was approximately $425,000.00.

Preliminary Phase IB

We would like to purchase the adjacent block of property to the Church. The front house has already been purchased (805 South Grevillea Avenue). This property is to be used for building K-12 Bishop Young Christian Academy (BYCA). The front 10-room house is presently used for temporary shelter. The approximate appraised value of this house is now $750,000.00. The approximate cost for this block of property is $1M.

Preliminary Phase II

We would like to begin building a Multipurpose Community Youth Center on our church properties. This center is designed to assist our youth in our community with extracurricular activities such as sports, tutorial programs, a latchkey program, a childcare center, a substance abuse program, community counseling center, adult education training center, physical fitness, community meetings for all, banquets, concerts, drama and other cultural and spiritual events. This facility will seat 450 Banquet Style and 800 Theater Style to include a drama hydraulic stage.

Preliminary Phase III

This renovation phase includes increasing our present sanctuary to seat more than 2,000 people, our new business office complex, classrooms for our Christian Academy and Bible College. We need to purchase the property next door to the church ($595,000.00) for this expansion. The estimated cost of this phase is $2 million. We would appreciate any financial assistance in purchasing this property. Please contact 310.419.7335 to assist.

Preliminary Phase IV

During this phase, we would like to complete the building of our Bishop Young Christian Academy (K-12). The estimated cost is $3 million for this project.

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