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Purpose of our Ministry

As a dynamic, vibrant and growing Church proclaiming the Word of God we purpose, "To Meet the Total Need of Man" and go about making disciples of Christ by:

  • Encouraging saints to consecrate themselves to God's Purpose in their lives

  • Attracting and leading the unsaved to Christ

  • Providing a climate in which personal spiritual growth, nurturing, mentoring and worship occur.

  • Equipping believers for effective ministry to reach the Inglewood area and beyond.

Philosophy of our Ministry

Each member will be actively involved in at least one auxiliary.  Each member is to become totally committed to saving of souls and All auxiliaries are involved in evangelism. Bishop Young takes leadership in prayer, preaching, teaching, identifying leaders, nurturing, mentoring and training leaders for the work of the ministry and edifying of the saints for the upbuilding of the church ministries.

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